BALR. has several kind of sale offers. Every offer has his own return policy next to the standard 14 day's return period.

Special packages

In case you would like to swap products for a different BALR. product (model/color etc.), please contact the customer service with your request. 

It’s not possible to exclude a product from the package, unless you want to switch the size of a product from your package. Then you only return this product.

Discount offers

The discount will be recalculated before the return department makes the refund.

Free goods

The free BALR. products has to be returned as well. Refunds cannot be processed without the free BALR. products.

Free gift cards are digital and can added to your order if you reach a specific order limit. If you return products which lowers to order limit, the return department can lower or cancel the amount on the gift card.

Gift vouchers

The Gift Voucher has to be used in one order. In case the order total is lower than the amount of the Gift Voucher, we’re able to create a new voucher of the remaining value.